More about retirement

Kaliningrad Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (KTO SUR) reminds seafarers working on board foreign flagged vessels that it's worth thinking about retirement now, even if it seems that you have a great deal of time ahead. 

KTO SUR received a request for advice on award of pensions and record of seagoing service for seafarers working on board foreign flagged vessels. The seafarer asked to assist him to make an appeal to the Pension and Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation. The case is that in addition to work on vessels under the Russian flag, he also worked on ships under the flags of Liberia and Panama for about four years. In his opinion, when applying to the Fund, he was awarded a small pension.

Representatives of KTO SUR assisted him to draw up an appeal and attached all certificates of the seafarer's service on ship. According to the response received from the Fund, if a seafarer worked on ships under foreign flags, then the time spent working abroad is not included in the pension record, because no one deducted insurance premiums for a seafarer at that time.

So it turns out that the captain is awarded a pension in the amount of RUB12,000-13,000s, - in the trade union added.

It is possible and necessary to take care of your old age and your pension now by entering voluntary legal relations with the Pension and Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, which implies the independent payment of insurance premiums - there are programs that allow you to find a way out of such situations.