RTC gave attention to the issue involving the designation of ITF activities as undesirable in Russia

At the regular meeting of the Russian Trilateral Commission on the Regulation of Social and Labor Relations (RTC) took place on September 29, 2023, via video conferencing. The RTC members considered a significant block of issues related to the budgetary system of the Russian Federation, changes to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the situation in the labor and employment market. 

While discussing issues of the agenda item Other Business, the representatives of trade unions raised the topic related to the decision of the Prosecutor Generals Office of the Russian Federation dated September 5, 2023, to designate the activities of the international non-governmental organization International Transport Workers Federation as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to trade unions (spoken by Yury Sukhorukov, Chairman of the Seafarers' Union of Russia), what is truly undesirable is a hindering of the work of a public organization that has established itself in the international trade union movement as a strong advocate of working people interests. In this case, it concerns the fate of many Russian seafarers and the rights of trade unions.

It is expected that following the meeting of the RTK, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, the parties to the social partnership, will be asked to give a social, legal and economic assessment of the implications of the decision of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. 

Also, Tatyana Golikova gave necessary explanations and instructions regarding other proposals of trade unions made during the discussion of scheduled agenda items. 

Let us note that the International Transport Workers' Federation unites, according to its own data, 740 transport unions from more than 150 countries and represents the interests of about 18.5 million workers. The Federation's headquarters are located in London.

The Seafarers' Union of Russia emphasizes that the ITF has always come to the aid of seafarers, fishermen and their families who find themselves in difficult situations abroad. However, following the decision taken by the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, Russian seafarers are deprived of the opportunity to turn to the federation for assistance without the risk of serious legal liability for collaboration with the organization.

Photo: SUR